SAT Nav, 3 year subscription expired, not able to renew


I live in Norway and I have a DS3 Crossback E-Tense where the 3 year SAT NAV subscription expired March 23.
This means you loose Speed Cam alerts, Online traffic information etc…

The challenge now is that I am not unable to renew the subscription. I contacted the dealership in March/April, and they said they have a ticket with DS…

But since I am now in the 3rd month of waiting, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same and found a solution. Yesterday I also got to know that another Norwegian owner with a DS7, is also experiencing the same challenge. So I am not sure this is a Norway only problem or if it’s a global challange.

Appreciate some help…if any.



You can do this yourself online. Search for DS Connected Services. I believe you can also do it in the MyDS app.


Thank you Alex, yes… this is the way it should be… but there seems to be a glitch somewhere since I reach the page, but no button nor link to renew is to be seen.

It only says “Deactivated”, on both the App and Online. I got an answer late last week from another owner of a DS7 in Norway, and he experienced the same problem and according to him, he had contacted his Norwegian distributor and it is a known problem and DS is looking for a solution…

So apparently it doesn’t matter if it’s on a DS3 or DS7.