2019 Ds3 welt belt disintergrating and need new engine

My 2019 DS3 Crossback with 35000 miles has an integrating wet belt and been told i need a new engine because theres damage to it.
Its not under warranty but it was serviced by DS in January.
I’ve been told to try get DS pay as its such a young car and this shouldn’t of happened.
I’ve read a common reason this can happen because of wrong oil levels, but since they serviced it 4 months ago surly i’d have a case?
Any help will be appreciated.

I would get an independent garage to assess whether there is damage and the cause of it. If it turns out there was negligence on DS’s part then write directly to customer service and explain.

Is it on finance by chance? If so then they may be more inclined to help as technically it is the finance company’s car.

It’s at an independent garage currently they’re the ones who told me what the problem is and that i need a new engine. So if they agree DS could be at fault that’ll help?

Nope i bought it outright

In my country there was a video not long time ago recorded by one of the dealership which referred to the 1.2 Pure Tech with wet belt and they said that even if standard 2 year warranty (with no mileage limit) ends and if You haven’t extended the warranty further, DS up to 5 years of the car purchase if something like this happens (engine destruction caused by destroyed belt), should provide You with new engine but You will have to pay the shop for it’s installation. By shop I mean certified dealership with service.
I would suggest to check it with 2-3 dealerships or even in DS headquarters in Your country.