2022 DS7 interior fuse box

Hope this is right place to ask this…

I’m trying to hard wire my dash cam by piggybacking a fuse in the interior fuse box inside the glovebox. When I take the cover off to gain access I can see the fuses but they are behind a shed load of thick wires which makes getting a fuse out very difficult. Am I missing something like is there a tip or trick to gaining access by moving the wires or do I just try to do it without disturbing them

I could also do with some advice on the best fuse to piggyback if possible, which needs to be permanently live to keep the parking g force protection. I’m thinking the 12v power socket if it’s live full time.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Meisear,

You should be able to carefully move some of the wires to access the fuses. Try looking for F31, this is for the front 12V socket. I would check if it was switched or permanent but I’m on my phone right now.

Alternatively, F4 is for the horn, and that should be permanent.


That’s very helpful thanks, I didn’t want to go wiggling the wires around before checking it was the way to go so I will have a go this week fingers crossed it goes well😀
I did my Daughters Cupra Leon during the week which was easy

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Haha, VAG cars tend to be a bit neater in terms of wiring, so that’s likely why it was easier! Let us know how you get on. :blush:

So had a Quick Look today and even by moving the wires around I couldn’t get to the f4 (horn) fuse, the 12v socket isn’t live full time. From my quick inspection it looks like to get access behind a white large plastic cover over the top row of fuses I might be able to remove a surround which covers the top of the glove box interior which has about 3 torx head screws holding it on. I will report how I get on as soon as it warms up a bit here in Suffolk, I lost the feeling in my fingers today due to the cold :cold_face:

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Tried removing the interior cover of glove box but gave up due to needing to remove some other panels, so back to the drawing board. Think I may end up having to pay someone to do it

Has anyone ever tried to change or gain access to any interior fuses on the RHD Crossback ? I’m still trying to get to one without breaking my wrist or temper !! There must be a way I just can’t find it or any info on the web. I can’t even see the fuse I want as it’s behind a mass of thick cables which I don’t think I should tamper with help me cos it’s driving me nuts as I’m now worried what would happen if I really needed to change a blown fuse

same situation here… the wheel is on the left, tried to reach the fuse box underneath, for the fuses in the middle there is a slight possibility to remove the cables and reach there, but the top row, it is impossible. I see the white plastic too. There should definitely be another way of doing it. I guess it’s not reachable from the motor side either.

I don’t see much point in having fuses if you cannot replace them, I once had a car fail its MOT on a rear light with the estimate to repair it starting at £80. I took it home checked the wiring found it was fine so changed the blown fuse and it never failed again, so what worries me is what would I do if it happened again with the DS?

I can understand the reason for the fuse box to be where it is on the RHD models but even so it seems a bit lazy of them to do it so you can’t even see if a fuse has blown.

Good to know i’m not the only one thanks

The online handbook is about as much use as the App :grinning:

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Changing a fuse

All work must be carried out only by a dealer or a qualified workshop.

The replacement of a fuse by a third party could cause a serious malfunction of the vehicle.

Installing electrical accessories

The vehicle’s electrical system is designed to operate with standard or optional equipment.

Before fitting other electrical equipment or accessories to your vehicle, contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.

The Manufacturer accepts no responsibility for the cost incurred in repairing the vehicle or for rectifying malfunctions resulting from the installation of accessories not supplied or not approved by it and not installed in accordance with its specifications, in particular when the combined power consumption of all of the additional equipment connected exceeds 10 milliamperes.

Now given up all hope of getting to a fuse I can use and plugged into the rear power socket which isn’t live full time. Hiding the wires was easy but with no power unless the ignition is on I won’t get the parking protection stuff, but hey ho life gives me much more important things to worry about.