2nd hand DS 7 Crossback

Hello, nice to meet you all. In the following i will writting a summary of my “adventures” regarding the aquisition and problems i’ve encountered so far. As the title sugests i’ve recently bought a used DS 7 Crossback with roughly 87000km on the dash from a slightly shady dealer in Germany. After traveling 1700km to see it, to my dismay, the vehicle which boasted the OPERA trim level didn’t have the LED headlights. I was a bit disappointed but in the end i figured “hey, at least they should be more reliable and cheaper to fix in case they do break down” so i compromised on it. After a closer inspection of the car, i’ve also noticed the night vision module was cracked and trying to activate night vision mode from the infotainment system confirmed it was broken. After a bit of research and haggling, i compromised yet again and bought the car as both the exterior and interior seemed in very good contition and well maintained and there was a full service history available. After managing to obtain the necessary documents in order to drive the car back to my country, i’ve started to notice a few quirks along the way. I would really appreciate it if you can find the time to tell me if you’ve also encountered these issues and if you were able to do to fix them. First off, i’ve noticed quite a bit of a “woosh” sound, coming from the right side of the car, which could be heard from speeds of up to 70km/h, a little higher pitched than what normal rearview mirrors would sound. Moving further and further, i’ve noticed a sort of rattling sound coming from the passenger side air vent, which turned out to be a detached plastic clip that held the end of the dash panel in place. This fixed the rattling but now a new issue arised, which still persists to this day and it’s driving me crazy, namely the ai vents plastic keeps making a crackling noise, even though the panel is secured in its proper spot… Another problem about crackling plastic i’ve noticed was in the top part of the rear door panels or maybe between the doors i’m not sure, which happens when the car flexes in bends or when cornering (i turn left, theres a crackle on the left side, i turn right there’s a crackle on the right side, always from the same apparent direction). Please note, these sounds aren’t exactly loud, just annoying to hear especially when i haven’t had issues of this sort with my previous 9 y/o peugeot 508, and i would be extremely happy if i found a way to fix them if possible. All in all these are minor issues, here comes the big one. 2 days ago i’ve noticed alot of moisture under the driver side footmat. I removed the textie mat and left it to dry for a day, hoping this was only due to the fact that it was rather rainy a few days ago and maybe i got the moisture in from my shoes. My presumption was incorrect, as yesterday while driving with a friend he also noticed moisture on the passangers side mat. After further inspection i’ve noticed that water was dripping from under the plastic trim on both sides of the central console, right where the flooring ends, under the ac vents… after quite a few hours of internet research i’ve found out that the problem might be related to faulty ac tubing or something similar but nobody provided a fix for this issue. I was hoping some of you have also had the “joy” of dealing with this issue and maybe shed some light so that i may fix it before more damage is done. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read all of this and for any help or pointers you might throw my way.