About the Buy & Sell category

This section is dedicated to buying and selling DS Vehicle Parts, Accessories and Merchandise. Be sure to check out the Buying and Selling Rules before you begin posting!

Selling Items

There are a set of rules that you should follow when selling items on DS Forums:

  • You should include a descriptive post title.
  • You should include at least one image of the product you are selling.
  • You should include the asking price in the post description.
  • When sold, please close the topic and add [SOLD] to the post title.

Buying Items

Simply let your seller know that you wish to purchase the item from them and contact them via private chat to share postage & payment details.

Paying for items

When paying for items, the only safe way is to use PayPal (Business, not Friends and Family) or Cash on collection.
:warning: DS Forums and the community take no responsibility if you are subject to a scam or fraudulent sale.