Adblue Issues

Hi everyone!

Just after some help if possible from anyone who’s adblue issues?!

I have Adblue leaking into my exhaust & my local garage says that I’ll need a new:

  • Adblue Pump
  • Adblue Injector

They’re saying that the pump is not taking the adblue back properly.

I may also need a new DPF & sensors, but they will only know after installing the above pieces & then running some tests. I think they’re saying that adblue may have crystalized/clogged up DPF & effected the sensors…so they’ll test after install & may be able to clear up the system once they run it.

Apparently adblue pumps or tanks are on back order, has anyone ordered one recently & could tell me how long it took to come? They can’t tell me a lead time, I just have to order & hope it doesn’t take forever!

Also, if anyone has had the same issue I’d love to hear what they did or had replaced!

Thank you!
Jimmy - > DS DS7 Crossback 2.0 BlueHDi 180 Performance Line 5dr EAT 8 (2019)