Advice and opinions please!

Hi Guys!

I’ve been hunting in the car market for a fair bit of time now (given the inflated market I’ve found it really hard to come to terms with the cost of used cars) and have paid a deposit on a DS 4 2017 1.6 BlueHDi Elegance 5dr, with 35,000 miles for £8500 from Arnold Clark (good deal?), and physically speaking I really like the car. I’ve no kids so the niggles of the back seats don’t bother me, but I am seeking some genuine reviews/opinions on the reliability of the cars.

I have been driving an '09 plate Peugeot 107 for many years, a cracking little car that has given me no dramas whatsoever, only reason I’m seeking an upgrade is I’ve a new job which involves me driving all around the UK to visit customers for a week or so at a time. With no cruise control or aircon in the 107 that wasn’t an easy task! I’ll likely be going away up and down motorways for these trips every fortnight or so, hopefully that will clear the DPF (aside from this I work from home and don’t go out everyday).

Now I am not a car person at all , I can change basics like air/pollen filters of my '107, top up oil and the likes but won’t be going any further than that. What I need is an honest opinion of the maintenance costs, how reliable are they, how expensive are parts/repairs etc. I’ve only just purchased a house by myself and the last thing I need is a few hefty repair bills.

I am genuinely scared to sell my trusty '107 as it was so reliable, but it just isn’t fit for purpose anymore (can’t even fit my little suitcase in the boot!). I’ve already paid the deposit on the DS 4, but I’m just laced with fear that it may be unreliable and I’ll come to regret the choice. Again, I love the way the car looks, and on paper it will suit my needs for work, but it needs to be reliable and repairable should anything go amiss without breaking the bank (do they share parts with the Citroën c4?).

Any help and advice would be appreciated greatly. Thanks all, Shannan.

Hello and welcome.

I have a DS 7 so I can only advise on my experience. First of all the mileage is good; and price for the year. The first thing I would look into is any recalls on the car; and if any then you may have to go to a DS dealer to have them done; and take note there are only about a dozen in the country. Parts are readily available; most next day dealers delivery. Parts are on par With other manufacturers. Reliability is I would say 8/10 (depending on what sort of driver you are) nice and comfortable.
Take someone along with you if you can, and really look at it. Points to look out for I would say is the suspension, and breaks.

Good luck

Hi there,
I can’t comment on the ds4 as such but my Brother has a Citroën air dream 4 which has gone around the clock almost and has never been a problem apart from the usual stuff that all cars get. He absolutely loves the car which is excellent for fuel economy and speedy too. I own a Ds7 which is superb and which I love. I would suggest you don’t take much notice of the professional car reviews like car wow and top gear etc as they always come from the car driving petrol heads point of view. Of course all manufacturers have the odd car or two that become nightmares but there aren’t many bad cars out there. For example I recently had to get the RAC out to my daughters car and I asked the guy which is the worst car for reliability out there, he shocked me by saying it was Range Rover! Which breakdown all the time and he said if yours hasn’t it certainly will !!!