Ambient lighting settings?

Did they change anything with the amb lighting in the recent update?
'cause I can’t find the setting now.
I know I had it turquoise-ish in the door panels and now it’s red.
And I can’t even find the setting anymore.
The manual says the color is selected through Settings>Customization, but I can’t find any such setting.

I got help from the dealership.
Man, this MMI is anything but straight-forward. lol

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Oh dear! What was the issue, I am guessing you have to be signed into a profile maybe?

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No, my problem was much simpler than that.
I simply couldn’t find the darn thing in the menus. :joy:
Manual says Settings>Customization, when in reality it’s under:
Car>Comfort>Mood lighting> Settings

So I was basically in the wrong section all time looking for it. Thanks, Manual!
The manual is as competent as the app. Nuff said.