Battery drain

Hi guys,

Since a week I am the proud owner of a DS4 E-Tense 225 Rivoli
I noticed something yesterday that I quickly want to run by you.
So I plugged in my car on Monday, around 5pm. After it was charged 100% I did not use it for a day. When I stepped into the car yesterday evening I noticed the battery level was only 85%
So it used up 15% without me doing anything.
Any thoughts on that. Could it be caused by the MyDS app maybe that communicates with the car in the background?

If it is a used car - Could it be an old timer for the climating of the cabin?
I don’t know how it works on the DS, but on my Volvo it’s possible to set a timer f.ex “Every Monday 0700” and it will start (in my case diesel heater) every Monday until the timer is canceled.
Maybe also deactivates automatically if the car hasn’t been started since last warmup.

I would suspect the programmed heater too. If you turn on your climate control with MyDS app it starts to keep your cabin at 21C until you stop it or start your car. In cold conditions (=winter in Finland) running the climate control for 15 minutes to have a warm car to start with takes the battery from full to 95%. I believe 15% can be lost easily by leaving it running for longer time.

Hi guys,
I do not have any airco running or pre-conditioned/scheduled.
I think I may have found the culprit
I am using the MyDS app and I switches off the Tracking and Refresh in the Background options. Now everything looks stable…

That’s peculiar.
My background app refresh is on and I don’t have any drain issue.

Thinking the 15% battery is over 1.7 kWh. It can’t be just the communications in between the car and mobile phone. Something must had been on there for sure or your son just wanted to burn rubber in the street near by.

Does anyone know at what rate the high voltage driving battery can be exchanged charge the 12V battery? Or is it even possible when car is not on?