Beam light problem

Hello. After a BSI update i see that the 3 rotative lights on the headlamp it’s not working anymore and the beam light as well. The Diagbox tester see a short circuit to positive on the dipped headlamp but i replaced the relay for them and no improvement. Can you help me?
Thank you

The first thing I would try is a BSI reset.

  • Open bonnet and driver’s side window (the window is left open for emergency access reasons only whilst battery is disconnected).
  • Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition (do not leave the key in the ignition as the transponder circuit will detect the key and this can prevent the networks from sleeping).
  • Procedure continues for all vehicles:
  • Wait for 5 minutes, - Don’t press any buttons, open any doors or use the remote key fob during this time.
  • Disconnect the vehicle battery negative lead and do NOT let it reattach or touch the battery negative terminal post again (use some cloth or other non-conductive material as a barrier). If it touches, the whole process needs to be repeated as you have effectively started the wake up procedure if it touches the terminal.

A) If applicable, now undertake any work or operations you are planning that needs the battery disconnected, OR:
B) If just resetting the BSI, wait 5 minutes whilst the negative terminal is disconnected.


  • Ensure all doors and tailgate are shut (if you have been doing any work on the car).
  • For Keyless Ignition / Stop Start Vehicles only: For these systems, when reconnecting the battery, ensure the fob is not within 2-3 metres of the car perimeter until the time of reconnecting the battery has lapsed.
  • Reconnect the vehicle battery.
  • Wait a further 3 minutes (do not open doors).
  • Switch on the side lights through the driver’s window.
  • For standard vehicles, switch on the ignition only with the key, don’t start vehicle yet and check ignition lights come on.
  • For Keyless Ignition / Stop Start Vehicles only: With the Fob in the car or in the Fob Reader, press the Start Stop button without pressing any pedals. That will switch the ignition on only.
  • For standard vehicles, with the key still in the ignition and within 10 seconds of switching the ignition on, hold lock button on key fob down for a few seconds (to synchronise the remote fob). Repeat this part for any other fobs if required (especially if the battery was previously completely flat).
  • Switch off ignition, remove key through window, then operate Central locking several times.
  • For Keyless Ignition / Stop Start Vehicles only: Press the Start Stop button again, without touching any pedals to switch the ignition off.
  • Remove the Keyless fob from the reader through the window, then lock the car using the sensor on the door handle or the button on the fob. Now unlock the car either using the sensor on the door handle or the fob.
  • Now open door, start the engine and check there are no errors etc.
  • Switch off your side lights
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Hello. Thanks’ for you feedback but unfortunately no result is this problem.

hello Marius,

I have exactly the same problem on my DS7 la premiere.
Have you found a solution?


La permiere edition a have also. I did not find any solution yet. I will try to update the BSI again. You also after the BSI update see the problem?
Thank you

Hello Marius,

can you tell me which relay it is?
I’ll try to change it before my appointment at the garage.

If it wasn’t that, I would have tried.
After my appointment at the garage, I’ll tell you what it is.


Hello Greg,

Fuse R9 show’s me the it for the main beam. I measure all of the fuses with a multimeter and non of them are broken. Do you know that a downgrade of the BSI is possible?

Thank you

Hello Greg. any update from your garage?

Hi Marius,

I have an appointment on Friday July 21.
I’ll be able to tell you more next Monday.



I just got my DS7 back. The headlights are repaired. It was an electrical fault. The solution is to go to the dealer and redo the BSI update. (20 minutes)


Ok. Thanks for you feedback. I will go to my dealer also.