Best mudguard recommendations

Hi all, please can someone recommend the best mudguards front and back? Finding the way the body pinches in exposes the wheels more and that leads to mud, dirt and grime being consistently flung up the side of my gorgeous car… First World problem I know, but please help!!

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The DS mudflaps are very effective and fit well. I fitted these initially to a 2021 DS7 cross back in alight colour and they were effective. I have now fitted another set to my LaPremiere which has a wider track and has 21" wheels. Even on that they are effective. Not cheap, purchase and fit is about £250, but I think DS is still offering 20%duscoubt till end march

John mullan

Hi John, thank you for your reply. I have a La Premiere as well and hate how quickly my one gets dirty… Do you have a link to the mudguards you installed please? Thank you


1617975280 are the ds part numbers for the 2 pairs of mudflaps

Website is

And if you check the MyDs app there might be the discount link there.

20% off Protection Accessories include: Floor mats, boot liners, mud flaps, seat covers, rear seat protector, air deflectors & dog guards. Purchases and discount are based on the full RRP price, including VAT but excluding delivery, fitting and painting where applicable. Offer is valid on purchases between 2 October and 30 March 2024

Look in My Ds app News, click the Offers tab.

Hi John, thank you for this! The parts are listed as DS4 specific, do they look “official OEM like” despite not being designed for the DS7? Thanks again!

I suggest that putting the part numbers into a search rings up varior dealers, Toomey’s jumped

If you Google DS7 mudflaps, one of the result I cannot insert an image here

s is am image from pentagon motor group.
This has the instructions sheet pentagon or Toomey’s motors for confirmation.

I’m about 1/4 mile from a Toomey’s so will have a little chat with them…

I Googled “DS7 mudguards” and just got some horrific plastic rubbish on AliExpress and EBay… Much prefer some OEM ones, was just wondering how the DS4 ones worked on the DS7…

Thanks again

Andy, sorry but I cannot work out how to use this forum. When I used the part numbers I gave you it did come up with parts,that referred to DS7 .one of the results from Google produced an image which had a copy of the fitting instructions in the background and this was definitely marked for Ds7.
I cannot work out how to attach images to a reply.