Center display

Hu guys,

Lately I am noticing that the center (multi media) display of my DS 4 E-Tense takes longer to power on. It stays black after the car started and turns on seconds after I drive off
Is this something that you recognize?

Yes I’ve observed the same thing for some days and noticed it.
Interesting since there was no updates lately.
Also I’ve noticed that somewhere around that time, sometimes FLAC songs played trough my USB can pause for a brief second not long after I start my car.
It happens only in the morning - I think.

True, but I might know the reason. It’s cold boot of the car systems. I never seen this before but right after I read your text I casually walked to my car by the street- I sat down and pressed Start to see black middle screen for about 3 seconds. I didn’t pay attention and I can’t remember if logo and diamond animation was there before the black screen but the instruments show up normally after black screen. Then, today, my car was connected to the 11kW AC charger, I preset the heater on with MyDS 10 minutes before going to the car. The diamond animations where flying and there was no black screen before the instruments. This phenomena surely needs more debugging but to me it looks like the start animation can be replaced with black screen on certain conditions.

I’ve observed the same thing with the loaner car I have.
When connected to charger or just being disconnected, infotainment is really snappy and powers up quick.
Standing over night without charger = a delay untill everything has booted.
Could it be that it enters a state similar to hibernation to save battery power?

Thanks guys,
Brought my car to the garage today (paint job) and asked about this cold boot. They will look into this. If I hear anything that makes sense I will let you know

It very much depends on how quickly you get in the car when car detected your presence and opened the doors.

For example if I open the trunk first and put something in there, there is no problem with black screen because the IVI is already booting so it’s working when I actually sit in the driver seat.

Only when I enter the car quickly after approaching to it this issue is sometimes noticeable but it’s not that much issue and it happens in most cars.

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