Charging problem

I don’t know the technical term for the cable we use for charging but it’s the 3pin uk plug one. Last 48hrs it won’t charge the car up? Plug in, switch on as normal but after 3 seconds it turns red and the charge has a red light on the fault light? Tried on different sickets but still the same. Any ideas please? We don’t have easy access to public charge point

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I’ve never used my granny cable, but I’ve just taken a look at mine and the safety sticker suggests that if the fault continues after a manual reset it’s a Customer Services issue.

I don’t see any instruction about how to do a reset. just had a look at my DS4 e-tense manual and it says this about a manual reset

“Manual reset procedure
The control unit can be reset by simultaneously disconnecting the charging connector and the wall socket.
Then, reconnect the wall socket first. For more information, refer to the handbook”

I hope that helps


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