Comfort during colder months

Being spoiled by a Swedish car that is built to handle -30 celsius and below. This winter has been really cold with temps closer to -40 celsius (and farenheit).
With remote start of the engine from app (really stable), remote start of diesel heater.
When engine is started remotely the car also activates - heated steering wheel, heating of the seats, defroster mirrors and rear window, heated whasherfluid nozzles and heated wipers.
When I go to work (after walking the dogs) everything is wam, cozy and ice free.
Only negative is the environmental issues having the car in idle for a longer period…

How does the DS4 stack up to this? Does it have any of the features above.
How well does it handle temperature changes? My car is almost “set and forget”. Almost - meaning that it does have one issue, it doesn’t automatically raise fan speed to cool the car when it’s really hot outside.
Oh, that’s another feature - remote start is also able to cool the car in the summer, not just ventilation , aircondition activates and lowers temperature to whatever climate control is set at.

How well does the DS4 handle temperature changes during a ride, if start temp is -15 degrees and slowly raising to +10degrees during the travel. Do one need to adjust the temp settings or will it handle this by it self?

I’m a little bit stressed about changing my now over three year old car for a car and brand I have no experience with…

My car doesn’t have webasto and it’s not PHEV but in current winter I’m driving always with 21 degree inside when I’m wearing my jacket and if I take it off I set temperature to 22.

It really doesn’t matter if there is -15 outside or +10, car handles relative inside temperature properly depending on the outside temperature.

I’m always switching between 21 a 22 and depending on my need in specific day I’m also turning on seat heating to minimum and steering wheel heating.

During summer I’m almost always driving with temperature set at around 25 degrees to avoid temperature shock if there is above 30 degrees outside.

Ok, the the temperature controller should be fine :slight_smile:
As I’m getting the PHEV, wonder if climating also will turn on heated seat, steering wheel and nozzles?
Don’t think it has heated wipers?

It sets temperature to defined level in car settings.
However the app on Phone itself works… sometimes :grin:

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Has the app become more stable over time or is it still as unreliable?

I’ve only had my DS7 E-Tense for 2½ months but I must say the MyDS app is the most unstable app that’s ever resided on my iPhone.
Not that it crashes or anything, but the connection to the car works 30% of the times at best.
For some reason that number goes up to 80-90% when car is connected to a charging port.
I don’t have access to charging at home and I’ve rarely been able to start the climate remotely.

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My Brother has Peugeot 308 PHEV and he says same thing - most of the time it doesnt work.
However its not Stellantis problem, he also has Cupra Born electric and VW AG App is also crap - doesnt work most of the time.

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Wonder if it is an issue at backend or if it is a software related issue in the cars…
Spoiled by Volvo with roughly 99% uptime.
Both with climating, locking doors, GPS, roadbook, car status - everything just works.
Also heard about Cuprans app - rubbish, Skidas app - maybe 50-50 and so on.
Seems like Tesla and Volvo (Sensus cars) are the most stable regarding their apps.

Update to this.
Installing app was easy, activating all the services was also easy but time consuming…
3 out of 3 attempts starting climatising has been successfully.
And - it does activate heated steering wheel and seats. Should be some threshold temperature where it doesn’t activate them also, but there’s no settings for it (not any that I’ve found).