Cruise Control

Hi,im after some help.
I’ve recently purchased a DS7 Prestige Rivoli.
I went for a drive on the motorway and engaged the cruise control and all worked well.

I want to ask if all models have the Adaptive Cruise Control where the car can keep a set distance from the car in front and slow down and speed up as the other car does.

When i engage cruise control a message says “active cruise control” but i cant set a distance from the car in front.
I get a warning of "vehicle close"in red on the screen but my car doesnt slow down.

Is there a way of activating this or does my model not have the function?

Thanks for your help.


Hey Ryan,

Your vehicle does not have adaptive cruise control.

One easy way to tell, is on the cruise stalk, the top button is for the distance on models with adaptive cruise. Models without adaptive cruise have two MEM buttons instead.

The ‘Vehicle close’ warning you are seeing is letting you know that the active safety brake system has detected a vehicle is within your stopping distance. If that vehicle was to suddenly brake, the warning would change to ‘Brake!’ And the car may automatically engage the brakes if you do not react immediately.

With adaptive cruise

Without adaptive cruise



Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply.

I have the second photo with the 2 memory buttons.

Adaptive would have been nice but maybe on my next one lol

Thanks again.

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Hi I retrofitted Adaptive cruise control to my DS7 in 2019. I am working on an upgrade pack and will announce when available on this forum so watch this space…


Sounds great Dave, keep us up to date and let me know if I can help at all…!

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DS7 Adaptive Cruise control

A front radar module is required AC1000 (TRW) and a BSI type (E15).
BSI type EL5 is fitted to most DS7 vehicles which is missing the can bus to take the radar.
E15 has additional high speed can bus for the radar which is required for the windscreen camera and radar to communicate together.

The basic principle of operation
The camera identifies a target and the radar confirms the presence of that target. This data is used for cruise control and automatic breaking systems in the DS7.

On DS7 officially Adaptive cruise is available only on automatic gearboxes however I retrofitted to a manual gearbox 1.5 diesel.

Automatic gearbox makes sense as the car can come to a complete stop with restarting in traffic jams.

The DS Connected Pilot is linked to adaptive cruise adding the function LPA (Lane position assist) when activated simply press the Connected Pilot button and enable adaptive cruise, the car will then use autonomous driving level 2 to self steer and brake (you must keep hands on the steering wheel)
In case of a manual gearbox this function was never officially supported however it can be activated and works to a speed of 18mpg (30kmh)

These features are great on motorways and make long distance driving a doddle and relaxing :smiley:

More to follow…


Hello Dave,
I would like to ask you for instructions on how to upgrade active cruise control what exactly do I need? If you have any tutorial, I would appreciate it.
Thank you