Deferred Charging Issues?

Hello, new member here. It’s my partners car but we both drive it. We purchased an all electric 2020 DS3 Crossback about 2 months ago, and we’ve never managed to get a deferred charge to work at home. We’ve had the software updated in the car, but the car just never seems to stay ‘awake’ when set to deferred charge. The blue light will go out a couple of minutes after it’s been set, so when it hits the scheduled time to charge (mignight for off-peak energy rate), it just doesn’t ‘wake up’ to charge.

The charger we have is Waev brand charger, their EV-Energy app (third party), allows me to charge our other EV (Hyundai) perfectly well, but we can’t seem to get to get it to work with the DS3 either via the charger app or the DS app.

Are we doing something wrong, has anyone else had similar problems?

Any advice appreciated!

Are you trying to defer charge via the car or via the charger? I think it has to be deferred via the car.

You say that you’ve tried to do it via the app have you tried to do it through the cars interface?