Disabling of CHATGPT Function

Do you now any other way to disable CHATGPT Service in car?
I have submitted the termination trough website somewhere around november 2023 but it’s still in “Pending Termination” state.


I have problem with it because I’m unable to use Polish language in car.

The user interface TEXT is in Polish but all voice commands and responses are replied to me in English which I believe is tied to CHATGPT system.

It sounds like Polish text is read in English so it sounds very funny.

Currently I’m driving with English language because of this.

Honestly I’m rather convinced that DS Service won’t have any idea how to address this issue.

Hi @AvatarPL

Is there not a seperate language option for voice recognition?

ChatGPT is showing as terminated on PSA servers. Maybe try doing a system reset?


Contracts.pdf (210.9 KB)

I can see that telemaintenance says ‘awaiting’ for you now.


I’ve tried to activate telemaintenance today through website so that’s why it’s awaiting activation however I doubt it’s going to work since my car doesn’t have factory unit for that function.

Chat GPT is still as “pending termination” for now in profile.

Right now I can set two languages in my car, one for in-car infotainment (which changes the car language) and second one for web services, however combination of different language setup doesn’t make any difference.

Currently I have language set to English and Web Services to Poland and it works OK however everything works in English.

If I set in-car language to Polish then everything is written in Polish but all voices are spoken in English but the voice synth is trying to read Polish text in English language so it get’s funny.

I’ll try to do a “factory reset” on infotainment in next few days, maybe that will fix the issue, I haven’t tried that but if on PSA servers the status is “disabled” then maybe this will help since the car probably will read current information from that server.

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Made this public as it may be useful to others. Don’t worry, I have edited screenshots etc to obscure vin and contract numbers.

Factory reset didnt help and dealership has no idea what to do. They said to wait for next update.