DS 5 system update

Hello, how do I update my DS 5 software ?

I tried the DS Update app on windows and also on Mac, but it always get an error, the file cold not be downloaded and etc.

Is there a way I can maybe update it via wifi ?

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Hi @tomaslorek

You can manually update it via USB. Please post your vin (don’t worry, only admins can see it) and I will send you the instructions, update file and license file.

Hi just reading through some threads, new to the DS5 so just wondering what this software update does please? Thanks :+1:

hay new DS5 owner here found this thread and believe I need a firmware/software update due to a few glitches in the system mainly the camera icons when I press the drive button on my dash. VIN is [VIN CENSORED] any help would be gratefully received