DS 7 Crossback alarm system problem

Hi, we recently bought a brand new ds7 crossback 2023, there is a problem with the alarm system every time i close the car the alarm goes off after about 1or 2 minutes. I tried everything, presed the button to tun off the volumetric alrm , didn’t work ,the alarm still went off. Rode all the istructions that were provided in the manual and the only one thta is working is locking the car from the hande with the key. Having a brand new car and locking it everytime at the handle is not what i expected. Also checked the oil and antifreeze levels both ar fine, the car starts so it’s not a battery problem. Basically 1 min after locking the car ,the alarm goes off and i have to unlock the car at the handle with the key and turn on the engine for it to stop.I would really appreciate some help please, i hope i was clear and thanks in advance.