DS 7 CROSSBACK - Location of the OBD Port

When connected to the central diagnostic socket, the diagnostic tools enable the following operations to be performed :

  • Reading and exclusion of fault codes
  • Reading parameters
  • Test of actuators and inputs
  • Downloading and configuring of ECUs

DS 7 Crossback (X74).

DS 7 Crossback E-Tense (X74).

DS 7 Crossback (X74C).


The diagnostic socket is located under the steering wheel, behind a piece of trim. Pull on this trim firmly to remove. The OBD connector port is GREEN.

Pin number Allocation of tracks connector
1 Ignition positive
2 Track not connected
3 Line CAN DIAG High
4 Body earth
5 Electronic earth
6 Line CAN IS High ISO bus
7 Line K diagnosis (Engine management - Automatic gearbox - Additional heating)
8 Line CAN DIAG Low
9 Track not connected
10 Track not connected
11 Track not connected
12 Line K4 diagnosis (Stability control - Hydraulic suspension)
13 Line K diagnosis - BCM
14 Line CAN IS Low ISO bus
15 Track not connected
16 Battery +