DS and Citroen Acronyms - What do they mean?

There’s quite a few acronyms floating around relating to DS and Citroen vehicles, so this post is here to break them down and hopefully make your life easier when reading about your car’s specifications.

These terms all reference different generations of infotainment/display hardware in PSA/Stellantis vehicles.
IVI - In-Vehicle Infotainment (Stellantis’ latest touchscreen hardware).
NAC - Navigation, Audio Control.
SMEG, RNEG, MyWay, WipNav - Older generation Audio, Navigation and Entertainment Systems.

Performance Line
This is DS Automobiles’ performance model. You’ll likely find blacked out trims and hard wearing alcantara where this is mentioned. DS Performance models have a spoorty look and feel, and often come with some additional features, unavailable to other trim levels, such as Synthesised Engine Acoutsics.

EAT6 and EAT8
EAT stands for Electronic Automatic Transmission. The number after refers to the number of gears available.

Named after the 2016 concept car from DS, E-Tense is DS Automobiles’ Hybrid and Electric range of vehicles. The DS 7 CROSSBACK E-Tense is a Hybrid and Gasoline propelled vehicle, while the DS 3 CROSSBACK E-Tense is a fully electric vehicle.

Rivoli, Opera, Bastille, LaPremiere, Louvre?
These used to be terms used to descripe the interior styling of DS vehicles. Rivoli was a diamond pattern leather design with contrsting stitching, while Opera embraced the unique DS Watchstrap leather design. Bastille is a cheaper golden fabric design, while LaPremiere and Louvre are more expensive limited editions, coming in Dark Red and Dark Blue leather. Lately DS have used Rivoli and Opera to differentiate between different trim levels, instead of ‘Prestige’ and ‘Grand Prestige’.

DS Automobiles has a partnership with luxury watchmakers B.R.M Chronographs. There’s an analogue clock on top of the dashboard, which swivels to hide away when the car is turned off, swivelling back into place when the engine is started.

DS Active Scan Suspension
For a smooth ride, DS vehicles can come equipped with DS Active Scan suspension. This feature uses the camera at the top of the windscreen, aloing with 4 height sensors and 3 accelerometers to electronically dampen any bumps and lumps in the road ahead.

DS Iris
Part of DS Automobiles new Android-based infotainment system, DS Iris is the virtual assistant built into your car. DS Iris can be activated by simply saying ‘OK Iris’, and then a variety of commands can be read, uncluding adjusting the climate, changing user profile, activating navigation and much more. Fun fact: Iris is ‘Siri’ in reverse. Coincidence, I think not!

DS Smart Touch
The new DW Smart Touch system allows you to easily control your vehicle’s infotainment system while keeping your eyes on the road. Hold your finger down on the touch pad to activate smart touch, and then swipe up, down, left, right or even diagnonally to activate an app of your choice. While navigating, you can also use DS Smart touch to write out your intended destination, instead of using a keyboard. This is much safer to use while driving.

HYbrid4 vehicles have a diesel engine working alongside an electric powertrain, it is most commonly found in pre-facelift Citroen DS5 models.

This is a diesel engine which provides extremely low carbon emission levels which in turn means that road tax and London congestion charge is kept to a minimum.

THP stands for Turbo Haute Pression, which means High Pressure Turbo. This engine is all about torque!

This is a petrol engine, VTi stands for Variable Valve Lift and Timing injection.

This is a diesel engine, HDi stands for High-pressure direct injection.

This is a diesel engine with start /stop technology. The engine cuts out when the vehicle comes to a standstill (such as at traffic lights) and restarts when the accelerator is depressed. These engines are the most efficient and are often referred to as micro-hybrid technology.

This is the latest Stellantis modular platform that many new DS and Citroen are built upon. It is lighter in weight than its closest competitor and helps keep running costs down. DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS 4 and DS 9 are all built upon the EMP2 platform.

Euro5 & Euro6
This refers to a European emissions standard for new vehicles produced. Euro 5 (established in September 2009) meant that all vehicles produced will produced with emission limits within certain acceptable guidelines. Euro 6 replaces the Euro 5 standard and is to be put into place in September 2014. Several of our Citroens are sold which are already Euro 6 compliant in readiness for this standard so you know that the vehicle you drive is the most efficient and kind to the environment as it could possibly be.