DS App trouble?

Hey everyone!

In the last few weeks, maybe 2 months i have been having some trouble with the DS app.

It always fails to connect to the car so i can never see when i am charging etc.

Does anyone here have any similar issues?

I’ve had my car for 3 months and I’ve had trouble with that from day 1.
Just this morning I got fed up with it and wrote an email to the national customer service.
I don’t have any high hopes of them fixing it though. I think the issue is of fundamental nature in the overall infrastructure of Stellantis.

I should add though, that it usually works for me when the car is charging.
But since I can only charge at work and not at home, the issue for me is of severe consequence.

Thanks for the reply.

Kinda glad i’m not alone in this. Yeah, it seems like it. It only halfway works when i’m connected with bluetooth. I get the last connected but the estimated range is all wrong.

It did seem fine for a little while while using the app only on 4G.

I can only charge at work also, but it’s fine. Not alot of people use the chargers yet…

If you do get a reply for something to try please tell me! :slight_smile:

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And then, mysteriously, it started working again, without any changes made by me on the app or car!!

What seriously? :astonished:

It’s what it does.
Working when it feels like it. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it seems better. But still not 100% :sweat_smile: