DS connected cam

Advice please, we picked up oyr new (to us) 2020 DS7 ultra prestige e-tense 4x4 last week and I’m trying to familiarise myself with all the toys. I’ve been stumped by the DS CONNECTED CAM as I’m not able to download the APP on Android. I’m in the uk and have a modern samsung phone and don’t generally have a problem with apps etc. Is this something anyone else has had priblems with??

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Hey Robert,

Why exactly can you not download the app? Does it not show in the play store, or does it say it’s unavailable for your phone?

There’s workarounds for each so do let me know :+1:

I follow the link from the MyDs app and just get the “try again” screen.
If i go direct to the play store and search for DS CONNECTED CAM it doesn’t appear, just the Citroën one.
Hope that helps

Any suggestions please Alex?

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It looks like DS or Google have removed it from the play store.

For now, you can install it by following the below steps:

  • Install XAPK Installer on your phone from the App Store.
  • Download and install the DS ConnectedCAM app using XAPK Installer (download below).

Hopefully that helps.

DS ConnectedCAM 1.7.8 XAPK File (click green button): https://m.apkpure.com/ds-connectedcam®/com.psa.ds.connectedcam

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Thats great thank you

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Sorry for the necro the thread but I thought I’d re-use it instead of creating a new one.

What is this?
I found the app on Appstore, but what camera in the car are we talking about?
I have the nightvision camera. Is that the same, or do I need to get a new camera for this to work?

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Hey @DSJay

We are talking about the DS ConnectedCam. It’s an option which was removed/added quite a lot, so not many DS 7 have them.

It’s the larger camera underneath the rear view mirror.

They can be retrofitted I believe, but it does require some wiring knowledge :blush:

It is essentially a built-in dashcam, which you use the DS ConnectedCam app to retrieve the photos and videos off.

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I bought my DS7 as a used car, so I have no idea really what kinds of features it has. lol
I guess I’ll just check the wifi on my iphone next time in the car and see if I see a “ConnectedCAM” network there?

From the image you posted I guess it should also be quite easy to see if my mirror looks like that or not.

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Yes exactly, the camera is quite big and hangd below the rear view mirror, so you can’t miss it. There’s also two buttons on the bottom of it.

Connected Cam Citroën - Autobedrijf Broere Citroën Krimpen aan den IJssel - header.jpg

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Appreciate it, Alex!

Nope, I didn’t have it. Bummer. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

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