Ds3 1.2 pure tech gone dead no power

Hi guys im new here just bought a lexia3 from ebay plugged it on my ds3 in the morning read the codes. Othing wrong with the car at all just rear parking sensors we’re playing upso i plugged it in 1 more time it wasn’t connecting and suddenly the car just went dead checked all the fuses under the glove box and in the engine bay all are fine battery is also showing full voltage some parts of the engine bay fuses dont show power comming to them Checked the maxi fuses underneath the engine bay fuse box they also seem fine AA Came out to investigate but no luck he told me it could be the ecu next to the battery can someone please help me out thanks in advance

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Hi @Dragon786

Have you tried disconnecting the battery and performing a BSI reset? That would be my first suggestion.

DS 3 - E2AK010FP0 - 102 - 05_06_2023 - Operations to be performed Before disconnection and after reconnection of the ancillaries battery.pdf (236.5 KB)

BSI reset on Citroen DS 3 1.2 Puretech

  1. Open the driver-side window (for emergency access).
  2. Open the bonnet (for access to battery).
  3. Turn off the car, engage the handbrake and ensure the vehicle is in neutral or park.
  4. Remove the key from the ignition and close all doors.
  5. Wait 6 minutes for the vehicle to power down.
  6. Disconnect the positive terminal of the battery first.
  7. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  8. Leave the vehicle as-is for 10 minutes while the BSI reset is performed.
  9. Reconnect the positive terminal of the battery first.
  10. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  11. Wait 2 minutes before using ignition or starting.

Let us know if this helps!

Hi mate thanks for the advice The AA guy did that to it left the battery off all night but still no ignition lights lights come on locks n unlocks windows wont work it happened when i plugged that lexia3 obd in to the obd port the car just went off while it was in ignition mode the AA guy was on the phone with the electrician they ruled out all the fuses did the disconnection of the battery but still nothing the only thing left to do now is change the ecu next to the battery i found one with all the exact part numbers can anyone shed some light on this please will be much appreciated

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So am I correct in thinking you get absolutely nothing when turning the key? No lights, no nothing?

Possibly an issue with fuse box next to battery. There is an earth strap at the bottom of it which sometimes corrodes. Check that and check the negative battery cable for any signs of corrosion or wear.

Other than that, you may need a new BSI.

Some of the Lexias on eBay are fake/chinese and don’t have the full capabilities of a proper kit. The outside is identical but the chips inside are not up to scratch. Possible that it’s bricked the BSI and it will need replacing.

Yes no ignition lights nothing at all car was perfectly fine never had an issue i legt the ignition on soon as i moved around the lexia3 cable connection thats when the ignition went dead is Bsi the ecu next to the battery as i have ordered that

Ensure the shunt is in position B and it is pushed all the way in.


It is most likely that the lexia kit you have is not genuine, and it’s fried the BSI somehow if you cannot connect with that either.

If you turn the key to ignition and try and connect with lexia, do you get any response?

Did you fully disconnect from the vehicle and close diagbox before disconnecting/wiggling the OBD? If not, it may have still been communicating and when it lost connection it sent an erroneous message which caused an issue.

Seems like a new BSI would be the next step if you can’t connect Diagbox either.

@Dave fiddles with BSI all the time. Does it sound like it’s toast?

Hi can you read the vin of the vehicle with the tool?

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Hi alex just replaced the inside fuse box (bsi) wow car came on ignition everything is on now i its not turning over its says anti theft faulty now what do i do guys

@Dragon786 your keys won’t work as they aren’t programmed.

The BSI also needs configuring so that it matches up with all of the various ECUs.

If it’s used, did you receive a key with the BSI? How did you get it?

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I bought it from the breakers yard only the bsi no nothing else with it

Hi guys i just reconnected the original bsi back in disconnected the battery before i reconnected then troed to do the procedure but couldn’t lower the window down so opened the door after 5 mins of reconnected battery switched on side lights ds logo appeared on screen then went off turned the ignition to on still no power or lights

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Are you able to get your hands on the Lexia kit again? Ideally you need to plug that in and see if you can get a response from the vehicle.

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No i got upset thinking his tool screwed it up and sent it back to him from eBay so i only have a delphi tool

Ok, so if you plug in your delphi tool to the OBD, do you get any sort of feedback from the vehicle? Are you able to read the vin etc?

I will try now and get back to you

No cant get any power to the delphi dongle normally a light comes on then i can read but no light coming on the dongle

I cant open the window how can i do the reset properly

Can you check fuse 11 in the glovebox and check that it has not blown.

Also check fuse 13 in the engine compartment fusebox.

The fact that this BSI does nothing and the new one at least turned on possibly leads to a blown fuse.

Also check F4 in the glovebox.