Ds3 crossback door handles

My 2019 ds crossback automatics handles have a mind of their own sometimes the front handles pop out and pop back in and sometimes they dont the rear door handles dont pop out. I can get the handles to come out when i touch them. The car is going into ds dealership to be diagnosed on the advice of ds customer services and i do have a case number. They have said depending on the diagnosis they will decide whether they should contribute toward the repair. I also have a spoticar warranty. My question is if the handles are found to be faulty will ds pay for the repair if not will the warranty cover the work to be done. Other than this problem the car is a joy to drive and there are no other issues with it

I have simmilar issue with my DS4 handles, rear left is completely dead (I have to open it manual by pressing) front right opens and closes many times so it has some electrical issue…
If car is under factory warranty then it must be repaired with no costs by You.

I have reported it to ds and they said the car is out of manufacturers warranty but after a few complaints to them they have asked me to take it to a ds dealership for diagnostics and if it is faulty then they will consider contributing towards the repair. I do have a spoticar warranty with the car and they have also said they can cover thecrepair as long as i take it to a vat registered garage it is goung to ds tommorrow and hopefully the issue will be sorted out.

Yeah there should be no problem. Dealership is for sure registered VAT (they’re too big not to be) so it should be okay.

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What is Your mileage?
I have driven 68000km for exactly 2 years from today :grin:

My mileage on the car is showing at 46028 miles i bought it in january 2024 and it had 44435 miles on it.

Update to my car handles on the ds3 crossback.
I took my car in at ds dealership in birmingham north and they diagnosed as the bsi fsult snd recomended that the handles should be replaced after getting authorisation from the extended warranty company the repair was carried out and the handles are working properly as they should.

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