Ds3 crossback handles

I have a 2019 ds3 crossback automatic. The rear door handles do not pop out when the car is unlock when i push them they do come out but do not go back in when locked the front door handles sometimes come out when car is unlocked and sometimes go back in when locked. I have taken the car to peugeot main dealer to have a look at it but they found no fault but suggested i take it to citroën who have said they they wont be able to do anything as its something only ds can sort out. I have been in contact with ds customer services they gave me a case number and asked me to take theccar to a ds dealership who can diagnose the car and depending on diagnosis they will decide if they will contribute towards the repairs. Do you think that ds will be able to find out why the door handles are not behaving themselves. I also do have a spoticar warranty until january 2024. Any advice will be helpful

Only DS dealers can do recalls, and warranty work. In short yes DS will sort it out. Be mindful they may charge £150 diagnostic charge.

Thank you i dont mind paying the fiagnostic charge if yhey cover the cost of yhe repair