DS4 2022 1.6 PureTech engine fault

Hello, today I’ve received notification from my car that the engine is at fault and it should be taken to the workshop.
So it went :slight_smile:
Service told that it’s related to leaking top engine cover (Cylinder Head Cover) and it’s happening in 1.6 Petrols.
I have currently driven 68000km.
For everyone else - to notice:

  1. around 2 weeks ago I’ve noticed very loud, squeeky noise only at the morning from area between the engine and gearbox so I reported i to the workshop it stopped after driving around 200m everytime and didn’t come back the same day
  2. they asked me to check the engine Top Cylinder Cover where I’ve noticed the leaking so the issue was known to them.
  3. after another week I had a notification that the engine oil level is to low so I’ve added 500ml 0W30 engine oil specified for the car
  4. after another 6 days today’s notification about engine failure has appeared - they also predicted that it will happen.

Workshop told me that that’s how this issue is progressing trough time so replacement of the top engine cover (Cylinder Head Cover) should fix the issue which is going to be fixed under warranty.


Car is fixed.
It was that faulty cover which is a common 1.6 THP / Puretech issue.

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