Ds4 2022 - Copper Gold, laquier issue

I’m looking to find out whether there are other people or associated employees knowing about issue with their Copper Gold laquier on their DS4.

It was quickly discontinued (at least in Poland) and I’m wondering whether it is due to it’s quality. It scratches like crazy. It „dents” and stains super easily.

I Also have pearl noir rooftop which was an add-on, but I have similar issue. I have a 5cm scratch on the roof, that looks and feels very shallow.

On top of that, I have Performence line - with black elements finish. It is basically black paint on chrome finished elements. Which already chipped.

Overall I love the car, but the quality pf pint job is horrible for the lrice of the car. Before I talk with my seller I want to find out what is the situation with this model and how to approach the conversation. They always oppose everything and cheat when they can. Including fact that after I picked up the car after servicing from them and washed it week later it was all covered is circular scratches. I am the obly user and I only pressure wash it. Go figure.

@AvatarPL Is yours gold? Maybe you can provide some feedback!


I have copper gold and I live in Poland, my car is serviced in Katowice (Slaskie).

I’ve bought the car in June 2022 - copper gold with black pearl roof also in performance line so it’s exactly like the one You described besides black elements which were always chrome at that time.

Black DS Logo and some other elements were introduced in 2023 if I remember correctly.

I haven’t noticed any problems with paint or chrome elements, any kind of unproper worn or scratches. I’m always washing my car “contactless”. Any damages that I have are typical to cars so front bumper or bonnet from rocks and other stuff flying cause of the passing cars.

I’m not inspecting it closely but I do look at it when I’m washing the car so serious issues are more likely to be seen by me.

I haven’t noticed any extra or unproper worn of the paint on the car itself or on the roof.

Till now I’ve travelled 57000km (from June 2022).

I would assume that my driving is around 20% on speedways and 80% on local roads.

Personally copper gold was only paint that I liked and wanted. Stellantis cars have very limited number of paint to choose from, almost everything is somewhat close to grey, besides black, white and red, blue and green (in Peugeout 308).

@AvatarPL thanks for the reply! It very helpful. And I agree - I too got the copper one because it was the only one available that truly comemented the body.

I got mine in Wrocław DS store. And as much as I love and appreciate the support I got from the sales team, the servicing part is god aweful - both in the quality of customer service as the work itself. I will never let them wash it again, because those circular scrathes I got could only get from that place. I guess contactless is the way to go :).

Did you additionally put some protecting layer? Wax or otherwise? I am putting of buffering the car, because of the thinnest of the layer.

No i haven’t put any kind of protector. I’ve noticed that thanks to bigger front grill the bonnet is higher and it’s not that much exposed to the rocks from other cars. Side of the cars are hit with doors of other cars in parking lots so there is not much that You can do about it except of putting 3M Foil on the sides.

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