DS4 2022 lane assist

Hi, I’m Pawel, I’m an overall a pretty happy owner of DS4 e-tense. I love the car, feel that it suits me very much, love it.

But there’s two things that bother me that since yesterday bug me a little more.

First one is minor - phone disconnects from the Bluetooth quite often. Not everyday, but often enough to bother me (it stays on then all of a sudden disconnects and does not connect back until I stop and stay idle for a bit).

Second since yesterday bothers me a lot, enough to ask on the forum if it’s the same experience for everyone. So I had my first warranty check-up and got a replacement Citroën C5 Cross. I noticed the lane assist in that thing works rather excellent - helps me stay perfectly in the middle of my lane - while my DS4 works like a drunk driver, only when I start crossing lines it decides to intervene. So rather than making micro-corrections all the time, it does it rarely but less micro. It works very differently to any car with that function that I drove previously - including that Citroën which I assumed would share the system with (as they share many parts).

Is that your experience too? Or should I take it to the service to have it checked?

I have no issues with my bluetooth using Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe 5G and DS4 from 2022.
About lane Assist it works that way except if You have Drive Assist then if You activate it - it is one of the cruise control modes - it will stay in lane center and turn in gentle corners.
Its useful in motorways / autobahn.

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Thanks Avatar.

So I might have an issue cause I swear I got the drive assist (all other functions of it work as advertised).

Or can it be sold in separate modules?

Can I check what sort of equipment I have by the VIN number?

Drive Assist is an adaptive cruise control mode so when You use ASSIST button on Your steering wheel there are some options:

  1. Cruse control OFF
  2. Cruise control (which is I think always adaptive and optionaly with stop and go function with Performance Line+/Rivoli or higher)
  3. Drive Assist (1.0 or 2.0 if You car is from 2023+)

Drive Assist keeps the car in center of the lane.
Normal Cruise control or when You disable cruise control the car bounces off the lanes.

I actually think that the DS4 has a quite subtle lane assist compared to both Volvo and VW, Skoda, Cupra.
It most often softly corrects the line, in some cases when it gets confused by missing lane markings it can be a little bit intrusive.
Comparing it to the Kamikaze lane assist of the other cars the DS4 really shines :slight_smile:
AvatarPL is correct, you can see the different modes in your display also, when in “full” drive assist mode both the lane markings and the steering wheel turns green in the display, after roughly 10 seconds if not touching (giving feedback) to the steering wheel you’ll get a warning.