Ds4 etense air conditioning

Hello,i would like to know if anyone here is facing any issue with thier DS4 Tense models ,that after releasing the AC plug ,the air conditioning system is getting freak,and warm wind blowing instead of cold during driving.

To eliminate it you need to restart the engine.

I had this problem too about a year ago, had to take it back to the garage unfortunately. They said they had to ā€˜recalibrate the ventsā€™ or somethingā€¦ Didnā€™t know such a thing had to be calibrated, I guess everything is computerised nowadays

But in my case thet still chasing for a solution
So just confirming in your case it didnā€™t happen again after calibration?

Correct, never had it again afterwards

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I had this issue twice last year, I noticed switching driving mode helped. Didnā€™t happen this year.