DS4 infotainment

Hi everyone
Here Italy, owner of ds4 1.5 diesel cross since last March. Line, engine, handling, all good… but already in spring the infoteinment system is very slow to be ready, having to stand still 30 sec/1 minute after starting the engine before seeing it on and ready; sometimes, starting immediately after turning on, the screen remained dark, or the radio or navigator did not work. At the beginning of the summer, the 360° camera system starts to malfunction; first the left front-side camera turns off, after a week none of the cameras work. I notice that the front armrest and trunk storage compartment lights are not working. Meanwhile my car is being recalled by DS for a software update.
After the update, done about a month ago, everything is working again.
For about 10 days, again, the 360° camera system no longer works and now the automatic high beam sensor also adjusts the lights almost at random. Infotainment system ldntissimo when switched on. Throughout this period, the system has shown me two small updates to do independently that I did.
I’ll have to contact the workshop again, which is far away and going there costs me money and time (around €100 for travel alone and a day’s time).
Some advice? Is there any way to reset infotainment? Any particular trick or procedure??
Thank you all