DS4 Infotainment

My DS4 2023 Performance Line infotainment system will sometimes trip and CarPlay only shows a black screen. When this happens I cannot seem to disconnect the phone from CarPlay. I’ve tried turning car off and on, airplane mode, trying to disconnect the device from the infotainment menu, even forgetting the device and nothing will work.
It only gets resolved when I leave the car off and leave for like 15 minutes and then come back. My understanding is that there’s some kind of standby mode and after this time (and probably the key being away from the vehicle) it resets and that fixes my issue.

Is there a way to trigger an infotainment reset without waiting that long for the issue to resolve itself?


I would also want to know that, sometimes something simmilar happens with Android Auto, when it disconnects during drive I have to switch to bluetooth to listen to music from phone because it won’t reconnect.
If I turn the car off for 15 minutes then it works again.

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I have the same issue or even worse.

Now, no more connection between mobile and car. The IVI system is down.

DS has all data about it, but they resist in changing what needs to be changed.

En Français : cela devient pénible, 18 mois d’expérience dont 12 mois parfaits et 6 mois pourris. Plus de compteur de vitesse, plus de connexion entre voiture et mobile. Et le SAV veut encore des preuves alors que la concession a tout constaté.

Messieurs dans les bureaux à Paris, vous rendez vos clients bêtes.
Bientôt des vidéos à l’appui. Que cherchez-vous ? La preuve que votre SAV est en dessous de tout ?
Vous allez l’avoir.

IVI sometimes losses connection to Android Auto (permamently) and it won’t connect but it’s not only DS4 related but every new Stellantis cars that have new IVI headunit (308/408/C5X/DS7 lift).
It phone won’t connect using android auto wirelessly to the headunit (IVI), go to Android Auto settings on your phone and clear cache and all data.
It will detect the car “as new car” and it will immidiately start to work wirelessly.

I had this issue once and it happened twice in my brother’s new 308.


I have exactly the same in my DS4 Perfomance Line E-Tense (not the plus so no built in satnav). I have two phones (one iPhone and one Android), each one on a seperate profile. On swithing profile, sometimes it will connect to the other other phone, sometimes it will not connected to either, even when switching back and forth between profiles/phones. It can happen on either Android or Car Play. Car play seems a little more stable though and happens less on that.

I have been told that you can soft-reset the infotainment by holding the phone button on the steering wheel for a few seconds, though I have yet to try this myself.

I’ve tried holding the phone button for about ten seconds just now but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Also tried some other buttons that made sense to me (like the power and home button), nothing happened unfortunately. Only the volume up button did something (create a spylog I believe).

Would also like to know how to do this because IVI (or Evie as I’d like to call it) has the tendency to mess up sometimes.

Experienced problems with AA today, after a small OTA update of IVI.
Tried reconnecting, cable, removing device, let the car sit for 5 hours, restarted phone.
What solved the issue was clearing cache and data for AA.

Thanks for the tip @AvatarPL !