DS4 Stock Audio - headunit connector with speakers

Hi! I’ve upgraded my stock speakers of DS4 2022 (without Focal sound system) to Morel speakers and I’m looking for diagram of audio connector in the headunit to get this signal for additional amplifier.
Does anyone have access to diagram (pin-outs) of the car headunit which gives hi-level speakers outputs?
Also I’m not sure where the headunit is located and how to get to it in best way.
I’ve replaced front woofer from 130mm (that was a suprise) to 165mm, tweeters and coaxial woofers on the back but there is clearly a lack of power in the system, especially at the rear which is very silent in compare to the front.
In exchange I have pictures of pictures and information about dissasembly of front and rear door panels.

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@AvatarPL, welcome to the community!

These are the instructions on how to get to the IVI audio-navigation unit.

DS 4 (D41) - D5AG01GJP0 - 0 - 09_11_2021 - Removing - refitting Audio system.pdf (608.5 KB)

DS 4 (D41) - C5FG02BYP0 - 0 - 29_10_2021 - Removing - refitting Dashboard front panel.pdf (991.8 KB)

DS 4 (D41) - C5FG02BZP0 - 0 - 09_11_2021 - Removing - refitting Multifunction screen.pdf (811.9 KB)

I’ll look for the pin diagrams for the audio connector, @Dave may be faster than me to find it!

And here is the pin-out diagram for the connector.

DS 4 (D41) - D4EA0EFRP0 - 3 - 19_01_2022 - Description - operation IVI connected audio system.pdf (813.9 KB)

I hope this helps! Please do share any photos you’ve taken :slight_smile:

Also, if you require any further diagrams or assembling/disassembling instructions, let us know.

I’ve finally acquired proper harness to make a “T-harness” connector which opens up the possibility to install aftermarket amplifier between the IVI unit and the speakers without cutting stock cables.

I’m waiting for the cable to arrive at my location from Germany.

Does anyone have information what FUSE powers the IVI HIGH headunit?

What’s interesting, I’ve noticed that 12V/GND is provided for the IVI from two sources - blue and black connector.

On photos from headunits dismounted from totalled cars, I’ve noticed that it has rather thick cables in terms of power and ground cable that is connected to both black and blue connector so I’m wondering what amperage (XX AMP) is protecting the IVI headunit?

It’s somewhere in the fusebox behind the steering wheel I guess but I don’t know which one is it.

Does anybody know or can check it in the technical documentation?

IVI by itself is rated at 15AMPs MAX - that what is written on the headunit case.

I’m asking because if the FUSE protecting the IVI is rather large - for example around 25-30AMP then it’s possible to power smaller amplifier directly from the headunit power cables without the need to provide external power cables directly from the car battery.

AMPs without subwoofers at rational sound levels don’t consume that much power, especially tweeters so they don’t require external power cables.

If i remember correctly, Focal amplifier in DS4 is rated at around 25AMPS and powers 16 channels from which 2 channels are powering the subwoofer.

I’m going forward with installations, hope it’s going to be useful for someone who would like to also go that way and doesn’t have factory Focal system which isn’t all that superior.
It doesn’t have much in common with real Focal Electra system since door speakers, tweeters and mid-woofers are used in many Stellantis cars for example Peugeot 308/3008/508;

Today I’ve ordered some stuff to get things going:

  1. Audison AF C8.14bit – DSP AMP Processor with real tested CEA rating of 55Wx8 channels and bridging support;
  2. Audison DSP Amp to ISO standard cable – AP 260 P&P ISO;
  3. ISO Standard plug and socket;
  4. Proper power cables and fuses to power the amplifier the right way;

Now I’m waiting for proper cable for IVI High unit without A2B to make the T-Harness to get audio signal for the headunit, put it trough the amplifier and then amplified signal to the speakers.
I haven’t found ready T-Harnesses yet, maybe something will come if in next year.
Since the AMP is going to be installed probably behind the dashboard (behind the glove box) I’ve decided to get full active front system.
Audison amplifier is very small – bit larger than a male hand – so there shouldn’t be any problems putting it somewhere behind the dash. If it get’s hot (which can be monitored by DSP software) there are A/C distribution nearby so that shouldn’t be a problem but I don’t think that would be any kind of a problem because most of the time music is played around 8-10W real RMS power.

Whole system is going to be amplified this way:

  1. Tweeters in A-pillars will be powered from channel 1 and 2
  2. Woofer in the doors powered from channel 3 and 4
  3. Rear coaxial speakers will be powered by channel 5 and 6
  4. Center dash mid-range 80mm woofer will be powered from channel 7

System contains of:

  1. Front 2-way system composed of Morel Maximo Ultra 602HE Mk. II which contains of tweeter and woofers with passive crossovers but those will be stripped of and speakers will be powered actively from DSP AMP;
  2. Rear Coaxial speakers - Morel Maximo Ultra Mk. II
  3. Center speaker will be made from original Focal mid-range woofer which is installed in Peugeout 3008, DS7, DS4 and Peugeout 308 with Focal Hi-Fi systems. It’s 80mm woofer but due to specific mounting type in the dash I didn’t want to risk putting there anything else which would also require to make an adapter to mount it properly. Woofer Part no. is 9809350980.
    Still I will have option to put subwoofer or other speakers trough low-level DSP output and another amplifier.


Audison P&P ISO Harness:
Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-31 120822

Focal mid-range center dash speaker for Stellantis cars:
Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-31 144241Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-31 144246

Hi AvatarPL, did you succeed in your install? I was wandering where you acquired your cable harness? I’m searching for the same harness for my Astra L from 2022. Thank you!

I’ve managed to buy one last harness (without all the stuff around it) from this website:

I was lucky but You may ask them - If they feel that market is looking for those harnesses it’s going to be a matter of time (short one) until they start to sell them separately.
I know that they can order the production of this harness but it will probably cost more than I’ve paid for it - around 70EUR.
My price was lower because it was one left in their stock from testing.

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About the install, I haven’t made the install in my car yet.
I’m waiting for the amplifier and the Focal (Stellantis) center speaker for the dash.

I think that I’m going to install it in the upcoming 3-4 weeks.

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AMP has been installed, now it the long-term part of tuning everything and settings things to my taste.

About the install, It went without any problems, car is built with “common sense” so it’s easy to dismount parts and put everything together.

Step 1, dismount the front trim around the screen:

Step 2, dismount the glovebox:

And some other screws belove the glovebox, it’s really easy - no problem at all if You take a good look around.

Step 3, plug everything near the IVI unit and route the cables to the destination:
In my case because I’m using Audison Forza C8.14bit Class-D amplifier I was able to put it above the glovebox. It’s really compact.

The T-Harness adapter I had to make by myself by splitting the cable that I’ve received (few posts above).
From the ISO sockets I’ve used Audison Plug & Play cable to the amplifier.
About the power, I’ve routed from engine bay fusebox 8 gauge copper cable to the amplifier with additional 40A fuse and ground is taken also from the engine bay from grounding point which is connected directly to the car chassis very close to the car 12V battery.
When You take the battery out, there is very clean access to the factory hole trough which many cables from engine bay goes trough to the cabin.
Power wiring is very easy to install inside the cabin, near the carpets using factory locations trough which other cables go trough.

Only think that didn’t went according to plan in connecting the center speaker.
As it turned out, it’s already there, it’s not the one that I’ve attached pictures above (Focal version) but it is there.
However it’s already connected to e-call service box.
Since I don’t have schematics from FOCAL version of the car and HOW it is connected there (since the same speaker is also used for IVI music etc.) I haven’t connected it to the amplifier.
I have no idea if it’s connected parallel to Focal amplifier (which I doubt) or is there any other connector or plug somewhere which is used then.
Without that schematic I’m unable to active that speakaer safely

For the end, electrical frequency response of the signal (pink noise) which is transmited from the IVI unit directly to speakers (if You don’t have additional AMP) and in my case, it’s feeding the amplifier which is going to be corrected using DSP software later.

Front left channel:

Front right channel:

Rear left channel:

Rear right channel:

There are a lot of variations in the signal for the OEM speakers and some phase shifts.
Also at the rear channel there is a noticable cut-out in low frequencies (below 200Hz) due to very poor stock drivers that are put there by factory.

I’m wondering how it looks with factory Focal system :slight_smile:

For others that are also looking ways to connect central speaker, it works that way:

  1. without FOCAL system, central speaker is connected directly to BFSR which works as autonomyous system (e-call) and the microphone is connected trough IVI and then back to the BFSR

  2. with FOCAL system, central speaker is connected directly to the amplifier without any direct connection to BFSR. Amplifier is connected to IVI by A2B bus. Microphone is connected the same way as without Focal system.

So it’s hard to do it properly not risking inproper function of e-call system.
Best way would be to connected additional speaker for e-call or as center speaker but then it has to be put somewhere so overally I thinkg it’s not worth it.

@AvatarPL thank you for this guide, it’s very helpful.