DS4; the May 2023 recall

When I took mine back to the dealer fro the winter tyre change they told me there was also a valid recall affecting my car. I was surprised because I’d had one done in March, but they showed me that this was a different one. They did not explain why I had not had an earlier alert (including via the world’s worst app :wink:) but there we are.
Then they established it was actually a software update, that needed 5 hours, and in turn that needed the car to be 100% charged - so a separate day needed. We agreed to do it as part of the first service and that will be in January.

But my question is, does anyone know what exactly this major update is about, and what it delivers once installed? I am wondering whether among other things, it might help the app work better?

Not 100% sure, but I think I got the update you mentioned about a month ago. Also let it stay there for about two days (they asked me to bring both keys too). Well you could say my experiences are mixed.

First the improvements I’ve noticed. The shifting has greatly improved, I think. The ‘problem’/annoyance I had earlier was the fact that it took a little too long for the car to engage gears when for example driving up to a roundabout after a brief stop. Resulting in an unneccesary ‘jerk’ of the car getting into gear and driving off immediately. After the update, I think the car already prepares the gear when you release the brakes, so it’ll be almost instantly ready for you.
Second thing, before the update I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen the outside mirrors dimming. I was beginning to wonder if I even had that feature at all. But now, I see it dimming all the time when there’s a car behind me (in the dark) :+1: Only with halogen lights though, it doesn’t seem to respond to LED/xenon lights. Which is fine by me.

Then the negative things. Disclaimer: might of course just be my car being a relatively early bird. After their first attempt at the update, everything that had to do with ‘radar’, stopped working. So that’s the adaptive cruise control (shame there isn’t an old school cruise control anywhere), emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, parking sensors, rear cross monitoring. The car had to be brought back to the garage a while later because Stellantis wanted to investigate themselves through remote coding. Luckily they fixed most of the issues, but blind spot monitoring and rear cross monitoring are still not working. They’re going to replace the entire radar system for that soon.

These are the things I can remember out the top of my head :grin: There might be more things though. What I can say for sure that it doesn’t improve the app experience in any way unfortunately.

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Thanks for that. I’m going to take your list of negatives with me and make sure they check for all of them before releasing it back to me.!

Yes it’s a known bug after that update and in my car the radar has been replaced like You describe after which blind spot alert started to work again.
Blind spot is easy to check because if it’s not working then if You start the car, triangles on the mirrors don’t activate for 1-2 seconds.