Ds4 troceredeo cross hdi blue diesal

Update on steering wobble bad handing in wet. Front wheels twitching in damp wet conditions. Always turn lane assist off when starting car.
Car is brand new covered only 2000 miles from new is only 11 months old. Went to main ds4 dealership they did a visual inspection , test drive said couldn’t replicate fault everything OK.
Took it to quick fit for hawk lazer allinment machine . Caster and toe on front wheels all red reading’s.
Been adjusted now all in green readings.
Said back can not be adjusted due to being fixed axell. Back- right wheel toe in red all rest in green.
Took up with ds4 complaints , they spoke to dealership.said ds4 don’t go by any independent t garages or who use lazer allinment machines as they are inaccurate and out to get people to get to pay to get cars adjusted.
Said also technician said its impossible for a new car to leave factory with missallined rear wheel due to it having traction controll.
Not prepared to do anything to fix it as dealerships says everything OK. Even though the front wheels reading all out in red.
Touch car is now handling steering better not tested yet in wet conditions.

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Can the dealership not put it on their alignment machine and look at the readings?

Never heard of laser alignment machines being inaccurate. Yes places like Halfords and kwik fit are generally there to scam people but that doesn’t mean their equipment is dodgy.

I’d definitely keep your case open, and insist the dealership checks the readings on their alignment machine.

Ds4 trocredeo cross 22023 hdi blue diesal booked in at another dealership who have there own lazer alligment machine but not till end off February as front now all been adjusted, and in the green I thought everything OK.
Went to ds4 dealership where car was bought from in Durham even though 2 hours away from my home.
I must stress excellent staff all round, and they have not seen car .as I went to a ds4 dealership in york because only 45 minutes from my home.
Should off gone there in first place . Car has drove ok too dealership no problems . Left dealership 6 miles up road on a twisty b road damp tarmac twisty road looked like a lot off grit on road , started to twitch front end wheels. Drove another six miles got on to dual carriage way steering wheel went very light then stiff ,front wheels twitched speed about 55 miles an hour road damp very slight drizzle rain. Felt like I had a punture on front wheel.pull into emergency lay bye called rac out as all tyres inflated. Had to wait hour engine switched off about hour rac man took car with me in it 8 miles up round dual carriage way included round abouts.
Rac man could not replicate fault.checked wheelsetc tyre pressures ok . Plugged obr computer in no faults .
Only think he did say on test drive he could feel steering light till acceralerate above 40 mph then steering wheel went firmer he said that’s how power steering works on ds4 .also wheen car slowed down from 60 miles to say 40 miles steering wheel went from being firm to light…
Is this what ds4 steering should do or feel like .

After his checks I drove 47 miles no problem ,I will say steering felt stiff never went soft like rac man said at lower speeds .
All time lane assist was off .I use speed limiter but tried also without .

Any thought on above also rac man said toe on rear wheel wouldn’t make or cause this even though in red as was very minimal. In his opion.
It seems as what ever causes this is like intermittent yet no fault codes. Could be power steering rack acting up or traction controll.
As I haven’t a clue lol . Any thought by anyone much appreciated.
Mike scarbrough uk

Also anyone who is techinical minded is a 3 0 degrees caster in red acceptable or point to something wrong on front wheels as per reading on hawk lazer alligment machine. Booked in at dealership end February where car bought from 2 days there got lazer alligment going to have a look with car on there lazer alligment machine.

Really hard to follow/understand what you have written. I’m not natively English speaking which makes it even harder :slight_smile:
But - You feel that your cars frontend is nervous, especially in wet condition?
Did you try to turn of all of the assistance systems like “lane keeping” etc? All of my cars with that feature has felt "nervous as the car tries to self center.
Did all of your tires deflate or were they over inflated?
Good that you booked it to the dealer for a checkup on the wheel alignment. Me, myself don’t have any trust in the main dealer workshops. Some are good but many of them don’t have a clue on what they doing (my personal opinion)
Could you get a loaner from the dealer while they do the measurement?