DS5 Petrol THP210 Prestige

How many THP210 Prestige are out there? DVLA website reports seven!

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Not a popular topic then?

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Hello and HNY @Aidsaunders

The forum hasn’t been active that long so it’s quite quiet. I drive the new DS 4 and I know we have a few DS 7 owners.

I hope you do stick around and help the community grow. :+1:

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I was looking at buying a DS 5 210 Prestige about a year ago. DS Salon London West had one! I ended up moving away from DS in the end and got a Suzuki, bit my love for them still remains! :slight_smile:

Do you have one?

I do. I had it remapped too. The aim was to negate the effects of E10. It worked too. Then I discovered that Shell and Esso still sell E5! Doh!