Ds7 2.0

Hi I don’t know if anyone can help me I have a ds7 2.0 I am having issues with the gearbox syncing
It has been at the garage for around three months I think they are pulling there hair out
From what the garage is saying the cars engine needs resynchronization with the gearbox they are saying they have tried with there software but it still has a slight judder in gear changes it wasn’t doing this before EML came on I don’t know what they have reset. Apparently the dpf was clogged this has been cleaned but I think they may have done some hard reset and the synchronization has been lost
Is there anyone that can help ?


Unfortunately the configuration of the gearbox needs to be done by the dealership, or if you had your own Diagbox and Lexia, you could do it yourself (however it does cost quite a bit to do that).

let us know if you get it sorted!