DS7 Adaptive scan suspension retrofit project to 1.5 diesel, manual

Hi just sharing an upgrade project I undertook in August last year.

Active scan suspension option is not available on 1.5 diesel engine or with a manual gearbox variant so I was curious if I could retrofit :grin:

This option was retrofitted to my DS7 Prestige with success!

The system is a variable damping (shock absorber system) managed by an ecu (CSS) using 3 acceleration sensors, 4 vehicle height sensors, 4 variable damping shock absorbers and a multifunction windscreen camera.

There are 3 modes standard, sport which makes the ride harder. Comfort mode uses addition data from the windscreen camera which scans the road ahead and can help smooth out any variations in the road surface by adjusting the voltage to each shock absorber independently.

Hope this might help anyone crazy enough to do the same :sweat_smile:
DS7 X74 variable damping retrofit information.pdf (2.0 MB)


Hi Dave,
Great and crazy work i think to begin to make this :slight_smile: . I have one question. DS7 with active scan suspention have problems with rear axle (jump to right when go with bad way or manhole covers) . So, DS have TSB B3BW0132Q0 : Version 3 and change rear shock absorbers and suspension arms . My changed with waranty, but still no success. I see parameters from Diagbox CSS module and see big differences in rear height sensors. If posible to share parameters from you car to see if is OK? I see that rear sensors right and left is different and may be work different, but this differences for me is not normal. Thanks!
PP . This is familiar problem, so if need to move to different topic.

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HI Kokovi4

Please see image of my parameters.