DS7 Automatic with only 6 gears


I purchased a DS7 Opera 1.6t (165hp) petrol with 6 gears automatic transmission. On the time of the purchase (being my first car) I did not know any details about other DS7 models, and how it progressed over the years, I even found only after a few months that Opera means the top trim…

But one thing looked strange to me when I actually started to search why the fuel consumption is so big on my model compared to any other on the internet, and I did not find any article or review from an DS7 owner that has the same automatic transmission with 6 gears (found only with 8 gears) and with such fuel consumption…

My results are:
14l/100km in city area during summer (25-35 celsius) (average of 20-25km/h)
25l/100km in city area during winter (-10- +5)

And 7-8 l/100km interurban with average speed of 80-120km/h

I am wondering what is the back story of these models with 6 gears because I can’t find similar on sale anywhere.

Mine is purchased from a dealer that imported a few DS7 in our country from an auction with old models that did not sell for a long time, as they said, from korea or something like that…

So the car was brand new, from all aspects.

I’ve never had a DS 7 but the handbook for the 1st edition shows the petrol THP150 and THP165 both had 6speed EAT gearboxes.

I haven’t seen any video reviews of those cars but have read a report on the diesel that mentioned that the achieved figure was 6.6l/100km, against the ‘claimed’ 4.9l/100km. That’s quite a difference.

I can’t help but wonder if the weight of the vehicle reduces the fuel efficiency.


That’s very good know! Thanks!
That means my DS7 is the first version, I can confirm that mine is THP165.

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Also if it uses the same components as the Peugeot 2008 or 3008 then it’s clear why it has such fuel consumption.

One of my friends owning a Peugeot 2008 also with 6 gears and 1.6t engine has almost the same consumption on our roads, so that’s why I think they share the engine and gearbox.

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Glad to help :+1:

If you don’t have a handbook, you may care to know that I posted a link to all the DS handbooks and you can find that here



Ooooh this is so helpful!!


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