DS7 available updates

I’ve recently purchased a used DS7 (2019/2020) and love the car very much. It seems that MyDS app is not supported in my country or at least it’s not available for my devices so I downloaded the apk file from the Aptoide.com. Once I typed in my VIN in the app, I got the notification that there were two updates available, one for the operating system, and the other for GPS. I’ve downloaded and installed the DS Update software on my laptop and can download these packages. This presents me with a few questions:

  1. Can I conduct this update myself? I work in the IT industry and know my way around tech. It seems a pretty straightforward process, but I’m generally interested in whether this is something that should be done in the dealership or if can I do it myself.

  2. What are the pre-requisites for the update in terms of the car preparation? I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to fuel up, make sure that the engine is running, and that the start/stop system should be deactivated.

  3. What do these updates bring anyway? I presume there are no patch notes available, but are they worth it? I have an Android AI Box and use Sygic as a navigation app instead of built-in navigation, so in principle, I can live without the GPS update. I’m more interested in what the OS update brings.

  4. Is it possible to do serious damage to the car ECU if, for whatever reason, the update is not completed successfully?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Balcanis

Yes you can absolutely do it yourself. Depending on how you’ve downloaded the update, you either transfer the files to a USB yourself, or download the DS Update application and it prepares the USB for you. It can definitely be done yourself and that is what most people do.

The update should only take about 45 minutes. The car needs to be started or in ready mode (if E-Tense). Just make sure you have a bit of fuel, you don’t need a full tank, just enough for it to idle for 45 mins or so. You don’t need to turn off start/stop. Just start the car and insert the USB.

Honestly for pre-MY22 they are just stability improvements. I’m yet to see any new features. For the newer DS 7 they have introduced new features such as ChatGPT, but that doesn’t apply to yours.

No, the updates you are referring to are only applied to the NAC infotainment unit. It’s essentially a small PC located behind your display (I’ve put a pic of it for you below). ECU and BSI updates are generally only done at the dealer and you need special software (DiagBox+Lexia) to do these.

Thank you so much, Alex. Really appreciate the detailed answer.

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You are most welcome!

Hi where do I download these updates?
thanks in advance