DS7 battery charging

Hello everyone,
I’ve been a user of the DS7 E-tense 4x4 for a few months now, and I use this car in electric mode about 90% of the time. I’ve been wondering lately if there’s any way to limit the battery charging to a specific level, for example, 80%. In full electric cars, this is done to extend the battery’s lifespan, but I haven’t found this feature in PHEVs. Thank you for any suggestions.

Nothing directly to some percentage but you can use mathematics with MyDS application and delay the start. Or you can as well stop the charging manually with the application when certain level is reached.

I am not sure at all does it really make sense to save the battery lifespan manually. Maybe the car can do something by itself too and these cars aren’t forever anyways. It’s a PHEV and your gasoline saves the day after all when out of electricity.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit.
Specs I’ve read says that our battery can hold 13,2 kwh, but I’ve never managed to charge it more than just over 11 kwh, even though it’s been more or less completely empty at start of charge.
Maybe the system already accounts for not using 100%?
Or could there be another explanation why I never get the last 2 kwh in?

Me too, my record charging have been 11.5 - 11.8kWh. So, it well maybe that 0 battery is not zero for real or the car can save or rotate the battery cells when charging to full.

I’ve read , the car never allows the battery to fully discharge, so the available capacity is approximately 11 kWh . However, I’m not sure whether the battery is charging to 100% or not. Certainly, towards the end of the charging process, the power drops significantly, which might indicate battery replenishment to 100%