DS7 Crossback - Check side marker lights

Hi there!
Could you help me with appeared annoying warning during the start of the engine - “Check side marker lights”?
I searched for a long time for the cause of this error and it turned out that the function of turning on the lights on the rear bumper when the trunk lid is raised does not work. Has anyone encountered this problem? is it possible to solve it on your own or do you need to contact the service?
Thanks in advance.

I resolved my problem, the BSI reset helped me. I hope my experience will help someone :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it fixed!

Hello. It’s there any other instruction of the BSI reset? I see on youtube that the position of the light must be set to “0” before the procedure stars, but i don’t have “0” position on my car.
Thank you

Disconnecting & Resetting

  • Open bonnet and driver’s side window (the window is left open for emergency access reasons only whilst battery is disconnected).

  • Ensure all doors are closed and remove key from the ignition. Take the key away at least 5 metres.

  • Wait for 5 minutes, - Don’t press any buttons, open any doors or use the remote key fob during this time.

  • Disconnect the vehicle battery negative lead and do NOT let it reattach or touch the battery negative terminal post again (use some cloth or other non-conductive material as a barrier). If it touches, the whole process needs to be repeated as you have effectively started the wake up procedure if it touches the terminal.

  • Wait 5 minutes for BSI to reset.


  • Ensure all doors and tailgate are shut.

  • Reconnect the vehicle battery.

  • Wait a further 3 minutes (do not open doors).

  • Switch on the side lights through the driver’s window.

  • Place the Keyless fob in the car through the window, press the Start Stop button without pressing any pedals. That will switch the ignition on only.

  • Press the Start Stop button again, without touching any pedals to switch the ignition off.

  • Remove the Keyless fob from the reader through the window, then lock the car using the sensor on the door handle or the button on the fob. Now unlock the car either using the sensor on the door handle or the fob.

  • Now open door, start the engine and check there are no errors etc.

  • Switch off your side lights

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