Ds7 Crossback reversing camera installation

My first message so please bare with me.
I’ve just bought a DS7 Crossback performance line 2019 & it does not have a reversing camera installed?

Is this something thst can be sorted so the infotainment screen works.


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Yes it can be retrofitted. Where are you based?




I’d recommend getting in touch with Magpie Autos. They assisted in fitting and enabling my rear cam.

Hello Pablo. Did you get the reverse camera retrofitted? Can you let me know what parts they remove and put back on the car? I am interested if there were needed a camera signal cable to be retrofitted and if they need to remove the dashboard to get access to the mid multimedia display. I really want to avoid all of that and then to have funny noises in the car. Thank you and have wonderful day.

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Hey to everybody! Is it possible to change or upgrade rear view camera on Ds7? Because quality specially at night…

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Yes, you can buy the upgraded camera. The connection is the same for both cameras.

Good news, and do you have part number of new camera? And if I have 360 view, I need to change front and rear?

Is your DS 7 the new style, or the old CROSSBACK?

I have an old version. Crossback.

The part number for the upgraded camera is 98 334 937 XT however I would check that you do not already have it. Even the upgraded camera is not great.

Camera from the new ds7 not better? Because at night I don’t see anything,a specially comparing with another cars.

Yes it is probably better, but not compatible with old DS 7 without reprogramming.