DS7 DRL Lights

Hi what is the life expectency for a DRL on a DS7.
I am having to replace the passenger side light for the 2nd time in 4 years.
DS Customer Service were no help, they said it was down to wear & tear.
I have also had to replace the Drivers side light!!!

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Hi @naesocks

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That is the first time I’ve heard that happen on a DS 7. Last time, did they explain exactly what they relplaced? Was it the actual light itself?


Hi Alex
Car was bought new in 2019.
Passenger side light failed Nov 2021, replaced the light under warranty
Drivers side light failed March 2023, replaced as “good will gesture”
Passenger side has now failed again Jan 2024, Customer Service refused to replace, said it was wear & tear!!!
I would have thought the DRL LED would have lasted for the life of the car
Surely there must be some kind of munufacturing fault withh these lights

It seems like it, however it’s the first time I’ve seen a DRL fail on a DS 7. I wonder if there is something else which is causing them to fail.

Do you drive through water often or jetwash the lights closely? When they replace the light, ask for the old one and inspect it, see if you can tell what the issue is (water damage or overheating etc).

Hi Alex, not been through water or a car wash for a few weeks now so don’t think that’s the problem. I will do as you say and get them to inspect the old one. Its £300+ to replace it

I remember a time when it cost about €20 to replace a headlight bulb. lol

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Hi, can I ask….is the DRL you referring to the led side lights that are next to the headlamps and above the fog? I have noticed my passenger one out today but no warning on car.

Hi Ian, yes it was although it started working again after a couple of days

Weird. I have had a visual look but it’s like a minefield in there so nothing obvious. Both lights seem to be off F15 in the box inside the engine compartment so that is ok as driver side is operating. Looks like it’s a full bumper removal to get into it, which is beyond my expertise ooooft.

Got it checked today and they have confirmed it is the unit that needs replacing and want £380 quid for the pleasure. The unit cost £120 online Inc. Vat so I will see my options but the place I purchased it can FO