DS7 dual zone temperature problem

Hello. After the weather outside get cold i observed that the interior heating system has a problem. The passager on the left get cold air, the driver gets hot air. I set te temperature at 25 degrees. Anyone knows were the sensors are located?

Im following…i have same problem but the opposite

Hi, I had the same issue, and finally resolved it by relatively easily DIY rinsing the small radiator in the cabin which was clogged. You need to remove the air filter housing, disconnect the two hoses with quick connectors leading to and from the small radiator. After that connect regular water hoses instead and simply rinse the small radiator.

Do you have any photos from this?

Unfortunately no, did’t think at the moment that would be the actual cause. I did a couple of other things (car diagnostics and replacement of auxiliary water pump, of course neither helped :slight_smile: ). Cleaning the small radiator seemed as a less likely reason. It may sound complicated to do, but it is a very quick and simple procedure, including the removal of the air filter housing box.

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Hello again. I managed to fix the problem but it not like a easy DIY.

  1. I need to remove the coolant water from the car
  2. At driver side i remove all the plastic under the steering wheel and find the small radiator, removed that and clean with powe pressure water and some solution for anticalcar.
  3. Put all together and voila…no more temperature problem.
    PS: sounds easy but i think i manage to do that in like 10 hours
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