Ds7 infotainment system upgrade

Is jt possible to upgrade my infotainment system in ds7 2022 e tense. To the new one that includes chatgpt?

I did upgrade my 2021 DS4 e-tense.
You need to have connected services, It is well explained at DS website

Can you send me link please , i couldn’t find it

" Tu DS 7 CROSSBACK (VR1) no es compatible"
sadly. but the question is can i upgrade my infotainment system to support it ? but buying new infotainment system for example.

Offical DS service won’t do it - that’s for sure.
ChatGPT is free for now, after february 2024 it will be paid service so I don’t think it’s worth it since it doesn’t bring anything really important to the car at least in my region - Poland.
Upgrading whole infotainment from older IVI to the current IVI system for DS7 2022 and is probably technically possible but it would require some sort of coding and VIN lock bypasses and most importantly VERY good technician that know Stellantis car’s inside out.
Also I suppose that first OTA upgrade would brake it or You won’t ever receive any OTA since updates are rather pushed by VIN number.
I was using old IVI unit - the one that is present in DS7 before the facelift - and I remember that it was shitty so I “bypassed” it by installing Wireless Android Auto apdater - AAWireless so I didn’t have to interact with PSA software and user interface but spent 95% of the time in Android Auto.
Wireless charging is a must since battery is dropping rather significantly especialy when You’re playing music trough Android Auto.

i am convinced to be honest. thanks you.
my s22 ultra don’t even fit in the wireless charging. What adapter are you using ? does it have delay?

In my OPEL Corsa from 2020 which has the same infotainment system as DS7 from before the facelift, connection trough AA Wireless (i still have it since my Opel has been totaled) connected very very fast.
The delay was barely noticable and it worked really fine.
Honestly I have to say that stability of connection was much better than trough Wireless Android Auta that is built in the new IVI units.
For example one thing happens very often, when I drive trough places which has very high density of 5Ghz wireless radios IVI may brake the Wireless connection and won’t connect back.
Sometimes it’s able to connect back by itself.
AA Wireless in that regard worked much better, even if it lost connection with phone it connected back in 90% of the times almost instantly, very rarely it took him 1-2 minutes to get the connection back.
I wish it would work that way in new IVI units.
In practice I have dropped driving with always connected Android Auto and music streaming in my 2022 DS4 because the connection is not reliable in dense 5Ghz WiFi connection areas so I’m listening to music by USB stick with FLAC files and connect Android Auto only when needed.
My phone is always connected trough bluetooth which work very well but SBC Audio Bluetooth codec have very big impact on music quality.

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