DS7 plug in hybrid 300hp fuel consumption and active safty break

Hello everyone,

When my battery runs out of charge and the engine runs by itself, my fuel consumption goes up to 16 to 25L/100 KM with the AC off. As long as the engine is running, the fuel consumption keeps rising, reaching 30L/100km.

Regarding the active safety brake, it was advertised by the DS dealer that the car has an active safety brake. It gives me a warning that I need to brake if i get close to a car, but the car never brakes by itself. When I use cruise control, it only brakes to recharge the battery but doesn’t use the real brake "Like B mode slow only ".

Re: consumption, sounds like there’s something wrong with your car.
When I drive long distances (and not using e-save) I end up around 7-8L/100km.
(I also have the 300hp E-tense version)
If I use e-save to charge the battery, I’m usually at slightly over 10L while it’s charging.

The active safety brake, according to my empiric experiences, doesn’t activate until it’s really late.
On the motorway a month ago, the car in front of me was cut off by someone throwing their car into the lane in front of him and he slammed on the brakes. I started braking but didn’t realize the severity of the situation. My car started applying the brakes with full force and at the same time my car also activated the warning triangle signals while braking.
I ended up clear of the situation thanks to my car using the active safety brake system.
That’s the only situation I’ve noticed that feature, because I usually drive with care.
The “real brakes” also charges the battery. How do you know it doesn’t use them in cruise?
As far as I can tell, my car uses the brakes pretty often in cruise mode.

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I once tried driving with the battery at 100% and using cruise control. The car didn’t slow down at all, even when I got a red warning that I needed to brake because the car is too close. It never braked by itself.

Could it be you have the e-save set to maximum that your petrol engine starts to charge the battery?

The active safe break has those 3 sensitivity levels, near, middle and far. I have it in the middle setting and occasionally it flashes some yellow texts on the screen when something gets too close to my front, with or without the cruise control. You have to drive over 10km/h to activate it and have your seat belt on too. But it doesn’t stop the car when slowly parking it. I lost my back light to learn it by hitting a metal fence above the back camera visual level. I really didn’t see it and eighter didn’t the car sensors but as well I can park to bushes even all sensors yell red.

Sounds like you don’t have the adaptive cruise control.
The safety brake system isn’t something you should deliberately use. It brakes way too late for that. It’s purely an emergency feature.

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It definitely will brake, if it comes up with the message, it will brake soon after. It leaves it extremely late, but it does stop.

when i go to Downhill road it never slows down when i am using cruise control. unless it useses the B mode to slow down. however it’s not enough to get the car to the choosen speed.

what about the fuel consumption? any suggestions ?

It’s not supposed to. Not a lot of CC’s actually brakes the car down to set speed. They just let it roll and catches it when the momentum slows down by itself.
The only cars, that I know of, that actually let the CC use the brakes to match the speed is Mercedes (I’ve had two of them). But there might be a few others as well because I haven’t owned all brands of cars. :smirk:

Regarding the consumption, as I said, unless there’s something we’re completely missing here, it sounds like there’s a problem with your car and you should probably visit the shop. It should not keep increasing up to 30L unless you’re driving like a maniac.
Mine often starts at 50L from the beginning (battery empty), but as soon as I pick up speed, the number starts to decline and it doesn’t stop until it reaches below 10L/100km.
It definitely shouldn’t run at 30L. That’s like 8 miles per gallon. An Abrams tank uses that kind of consumption (not really, but still…).

Normal CC might not slow the car down, Mercedes do apparently and Volvo does In some way.
ACC is the thing that actually adapts your speed constantly with throttle, Regen or brakes.
I don’t have the DS7 but my DS4 tense certainly uses the brakes when a que comes to a halt.

Are you sure that you actually have the ACC and the rear collision assist thingy (don’t know the name) specified in your car?

I’m not a mechanic, nor an expert on the matter, but the fact that the e-tense version has Curb Weight of roughly 1903 kg and the petrol 225hp version has a Curb Weight of roughly 1425 kg, it should be a clue as to why the fuel consumption is through the roof. If the battery is empty, then the petrol engine is tasked with both charging the battery while also having to carry almost 500 extra kilograms of weight, without even taking into account the actual passengers riding inside the car. For reference my normal 225hp engine has a consumption of about 8L/100km at 150kph, with 2 passangers. I wouldn’t be surprised, given all that extra weight, if the fuel consumption would skyrocket easly over 10-15L/100km, depending on the speed.