Electrical range

Given that DS have 1 EV in their line up and intend to increase that number in a couple of years time I have little doubt that ‘real world’, as compared to the brochure WLTP, range figures will become a topic of regular discussion as people decide the suitability of vehicles so I thought I’d post a link to a site that provides figures that are considered to be fairly accurate real world ranges.

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Yes the NDC and WLTP ranges are very very generous. They are based on a brand new battery, and a vehicle being driven in a specific way on a test track, and in no way reflect real-world figures.

I always joke that ‘NDC’ stands for ‘Not Darn Close’ and WLTP ‘Well, Less Than Probably’.

Hopefully we’ll get some real-world figures from the various car magazines soon.


I’ve just seen an interesting video wherein the range of the new DS 4 e-tense was measured using a mix of driving. At the start of the test the external temperature appeared as 18c. Overall results appeared to indicate good battery efficiency. The video is below

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