Engine Start-Stop Behavior: Normal or Cause for Concern?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently observed a unique behavior in my DS7 E-tense 300 and would love to hear your thoughts on it.
I’ve noticed that when I press the pedal, the engine turns on, and when I release the pedal, it goes off again. I’ve checked the owner’s manual, which mentions engine start-stop for fuel efficiency, but it doesn’t specify the duration of these cycles
for example : my car’s engine tends to run for about 5-10 seconds when i use the padel,then i remove my foot from the padel the engine goes back off. like for breaking or slowing down for bumb it goes off for like 5 seconds or or less then i press the padel again it goes back on. it happnes continuously specialy that my city has small streets full of bumbs and borken streets

Is this normal for hybrid cars, or could it be a cause for concern?

Mine does the same.
I have the same car (2020 DS7 E-Tense).
I think it’s quite logical to not have the engine running when you’re not using it.
I’m no expert, but this isn’t something that has raised any concerns with me.

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Yes this is normal. The engine will only remain on when stationary if the 12v battery cannot provide enough power to run all of the accessories, or if a specific condition is not met (driver seatbelt, door open, too cold, etc).

Pressing the pedal is forcing the engine to turn on. It turns off again shortly after to save fuel.

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