Expected delivery times between dealers in the UK

Ordered a new DS4 from our usual dealership, they found one on their database in the U.K. and ordered it nearly 6 weeks ago, due to it being pre registered it needs to be delivered by transporter but we are still waiting for it to be delivered from the dealer it’s currently sitting in, is this normal?

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Hi Laura,

Welcome to the forum! A new DS 4 - I am very jealous!

I purchased a Citroen C3 brand new about 5-6 years ago and my dealer found one in their UK stock. The likelihood is that, like mine, it’s not actually in a ‘dealership’ but in a warehouse somewhere. Mine ended up taking about 5 weeks to arrive which I thought was pretty long too. The dealer kept emailling me every other day telling me it was delayed and that it would be there ‘within the week’…

Have you spoken to the dealership and found out where the car is currently based and why it’s taking so long?


Hi thanks for your reply

When we ordered they told us it was in Edinburgh, we have ordered from Durham, I’m sure they did say it was sitting in a dealer ship somewhere I think he said as their show room car? My husband has been in contact twice over the last few weeks and they just keep saying they’re waiting on it being delivered

Anyway I’m getting frustrated! The mot on our current car is due beginning April and it will need 2 new tyres to get through and we’re kind of loath to spend all that money when the car is going back!

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Ideally they need to find out what dealership it is at and then call them directly to see what the hold-up is. The easiest way to get them to do that is to say that you are going to cancel the order if they cannot provide a better timescale.

You could also go the customer service route as they will be able to contact the dealerships and find out for you.

Thank you I have told my husband that if no info within the next week then to just phone and say we’re cancelling. I’m quite disappointed as we bought out current ds3 off them although this one was sitting on their own forecourt and they’ve done us a really good deal